It was clear that Robert was destined to be a shop owner. As a child, when he should have been playing  with toy cars, he was writing his first business plans and reading balance sheets instead. His first job was in the curtain making industry some 25 years ago. He learned the tools of his trade in his own Interior Design firm in Johannesburg but decided to fry bigger fish in London and so relocated in 1999. Robert is inspired by David Hicks, Bernie de Le Cuona and Jonathan Adler for their design genius and by Nelson Mandela who has taught us all true dignity. Robert is proud that his personality is reflected in his company’s product range, brand, and outstanding customer service. Robert lives in South West London with his partner Wayne and their beloved pooches.


Doris the Dachshund - In Loving Memory (honorary staff member)

Our fearless little darling not only inspired the Doris Slipper Chair, she also provided a very important service, that of being the very best of dogs and showering Robert and his partner with  unconditional love and attention. Many a team member would silently thank her for keeping the boss calm during difficult times, she will be sorely missed and never forgotten.



London born Christine is a creative soul. She brings much needed peace of mind to the company in terms of managing all things financial. We are all lucky to benefit from her deep understanding of the company and clients needs. Her passions include creative writing, painting and photography and her favourite shop on the Kings Road is “Lush”. She has three grown sons who are perfect gentlemen and she can often be found, camera in hand, on Trafalgar Square looking for that next great shot.



Esme arrived at Robert Langford in 2008 and is now our queen of sales. Individuality is her selling technique, forging long-standing relationships with the trade. Hair like fire, heart of gold, if this cool woman was a Robert Langford product she would be a “forge wheel”, thus being an integral cog in the Robert Langford machine. Esme is very much involved in the underground illustration scene and is fond of 50`s SI FI cartoons. She loves a naughty doodle, embellishing an innocent toy robot in ways you cant even imagine. This angle of creativity blends well with our already colourful team.



Easy on the eye, this production manager and general power house ensures the Robert Langford products make it from sketch to destination. Our cool designs would not make it into our homes if it were not for Miss Markless. The team welcomes her calm yet kooky disposition to the warehouse. Creativity is in her blood, composing colourful and organic floral forms for wall covering and textiles through her talents in screen printing. She is currently working on expanding her collection, concentrating on the themes such as “imperfections and flaws”. Our delivery teams love this Festival fanatic, vintage vixen and professional sweetie.